Selina Meier is a Swiss based photographer who fell in love with photography, discovering her passion for it when she was only a student. After completing her studies, she gained experience working in a portrait studio in Zurich and in the summer of 2015 she decided to become a freelance. Since then, she has continuously developed her skills in environmental portraiture, as well as editorial and commercial photography. 

“The moment I look through my lens, I step into a completely different world where feelings and emotions of my subject and my own come sharply into focus while everything else fades in the background. Every shoot is a new experience and I love the process where uncertainty, inspiration, discovery, surprise and learning to trust my instinct come together. Photography is an emotional experience between photographer and subject and my aspiration is to communicate this through my photographs. I hope that everyone viewing my work not only can observe the feeling behind it but can also be inspired and connect with it emotionally.